Bring the improvement in child health with expert pediatrician:
Pediatricians are the specialized physicians who manage the health of your child, including physical, behavior, and mental health issues. They are trained to diagnose and treat childhood illnesses, from minor health problems to serious diseases. They have the special skills to take care of your childโ€™s health. They might also see your baby immediately after birth, to make sure everything is all right. Pediatricians know a lot about the many different conditions and illnesses that can affect childrenโ€™s health, welfare, behavior and education. They also understand how different illnesses and conditions relate to each other. They are expert in areas like neonatology (treatment of newborn babies), cardiology (heart problems) or development and behavior.

Treatment provided by pediatricians:
โ€ข asthma and allergies

โ€ข poor growth

โ€ข behavior problems

โ€ข developmental delay

โ€ข autism

โ€ข ADHD

โ€ข sleep problems

โ€ข brain conditions like epilepsy

โ€ข problems with muscles or bones like developmental dyspepsia of the hip or bow legs

โ€ข disabilities like Down syndrome, cerebral palsy or Fragile X syndrome

โ€ข fecal incontinence (encopresis) or constipation.

What do pediatricians do to care your little one?
โ€ข Do physical exams

โ€ข Give your child vaccinations

โ€ข Make sure she meets milestones in growth, behavior, and skills

โ€ข Diagnose and treat your childโ€™s illnesses, infections, injuries, and other health problems

โ€ข Give you information about your childโ€™s health, safety, nutrition, and fitness needs

โ€ข Focus on growth and development of kids

โ€ข Refer you to specialists if they think your child needs expert care

Why choose us?
Kgj hospitals is the leading clinic which offers expert and proficient pediatrician to deal with different health condition of your child and help them lead a healthy life. With years of experience in this field this clinic is pioneer in this service to provide the proper care and attention to your child and help them in their growth. All pediatricians are well trained to diagnose various problems of the children and provide the customized solution of their problem. With extensive knowledge and vast experience they use the advance equipment and latest technology to provide the unmatched service in this field and help the baby to enjoy a problem free life.

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