Kgj hospitalsย  is a tertiary care multispeciality hospital in Korattur Chennai with a primary focus on providing world-class and holistic healthcare services to patients with excellence. It is not just our endeavor but commitment to serve patients with the utmost respect, compassion, and empathy abiding by all legal requirements and crucial environmental aspects through continuous quality improvement in inpatient care.


Here, we have highly qualified and experienced medical practitioners in different fields offering top-line medical and clinical facilities. We have carved a niche for ourselves in the city by providing super-specialty treatment services, simple to complex surgeries, a high level of expertise, and state-of-art infrastructure in an affordable way.

Why Multi-Speciality?

With the development of medical science and the advent of digital technology, there is a large-scale change in patient care and medical treatments. The medical system, infrastructure, and techniques have gone through massive change. The biggest change is the multi-specialty hospital concept.ย  As we are one of the best-known multi-specialty hospitals, we offer patients a range of medical care so that they donโ€™t have to go to different hospitals for different problems. Nowadays, people prefer multi-specialty hospitals over super-specialty hospitals because of the several benefits they deliver.


In a multi-specialty hospital environment like us, the doctors and specialists from different fields come together to diagnose, treat and cure starting from the simplest of medical conditions to the most unusual and complicated issues. In such a situation, the complications and vulnerability in providing the patient the righteous care get negligible. There is a greater degree of success rate in getting treated in a multi-specialty environment. These hospitals provide comprehensive medical care and have equipped with extensive medical facilities and manpower in the form of qualified doctors.

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