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Who is general surgeon?

General surgeons are the specialist doctors who are familiar with treating several diseases that may require surgical treatment. It focuses primarily on dealing with abdominal organs like stomach, colon, gall bladder, esophagus, liver, bile ducts, pancreas and often the thyroid gland. General surgery can also treat diseases that involve breast, skin, hernias, trauma and vascular pathologies and perform endoscopic procedures such as gastro copy and colonoscopy. Mostly, a general surgeon should have experience and specialized knowledge about pre-operative, operative and post-operative management as well as the ability to deal with any surgical emergency.

What does general surgeon do?

General surgeon focuses on abdominal organs such as pancreas, gallbladder, esophagus, stomach, appendix, bile ducts, liver, colon and small bowel etc. They diagnose and treat injuries or illnesses. General surgeon examines patients, take medical histories, prescribe medications, and order, perform, and interpret diagnostic tests. They often counsel patients on diet, hygiene, and preventive healthcare.

General surgeons may sub-specialize into following disciplines:

• Trauma surgery

• Laparoscopic surgery

• Colo rectal surgery

• Breast surgery

• Vascular surgery

• Endocrine surgery

• Transplant surgery

• Surgical oncology

• Cardio thoracic surgery

• Pediatric surgery

Why choose us?

Kgj hospitals is the prominent clinic which offers expert and experienced General surgeon in Chennai to covers all aspects of surgery that affect the body, and life-saving procedures. Over years of experience this clinic has created rock solid reputation in this segment and helps the people to lead a healthy and problem free life in comprehensive way. All the general surgeons of this clinic are well trained to provide you the urgent care and strive to save the life of the patients. They work in close collaboration with other specialists to deliver timely surgical intervention and prevent complex conditions. Their updated clinical knowledge and technical proficiency of procedures, help to tackle even the most uncommon and complex operations. Advanced technologies and high-tech instrumentation combined with minimally invasive laparoscopic techniques form the basis of treatment procedures at the department.