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Who are Consultant Physicians & Nephro Diabetologist?

Nephro Diabetologist is the expert specialist physicians who help patients with diabetes and pre-diabetes to achieve their best possible health status and quality of life. They have the outstanding patient-focused education, skills training, handle different condition and provide the appropriate resolution of your problem. They provide the most advanced care for patients with pre-diabetes, and diabetes. People with pre-diabetes have a higher risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular disease. The specialist doctors help the patient to get rid of this complication and recommend eating healthy and increases activity and losing weight.

Condition treated by Nephro Diabetologist:

Nephro Diabetologist can work with you to help diagnose and treat the following conditions:

• blood or protein in urine

• chronic kidney disease

• kidney stones, although a urologist may also treat this

• kidney infections

• kidney swelling due to glomerulonephritis or interstitial nephritis

• kidney cancer

• polycystic kidney disease

• hemolytic uremic syndrome

• renal artery steno sis

• nephritic syndrome

• end-stage kidney disease

• kidney failure, both acute and chronic

Why choose us?

Kgj hospitals is the leading clinic which offers Nephro Diabetologist to deal with different complication and provide the best solution of your health problem. Over years of experience this clinic is the number one clinic which is pioneer in this service and provides the customized treatment according the symptoms of your diseases. All the Nephro Diabetologist of this clinic is well trained to deal with different complication of your kidney related problem and provide the tailor made treatment according the emergency needs of the patient. With long history and innovation they use state art of technology and equipment to perform the treatment process with utmost care and satisfy the clients in comprehensive way.